20mph review results

Bristol City Council has announced that after a major review of Bristol’s 20mph speed limit it was determined that no significant changes need to be made to the measures introduced throughout the city between 2012 and 2015.

A report into the 20mph review and summary of the consultation report are available now below and here

Summary of Consultation Report
20mph Review Report 2019
UWE BRITE report
FAQs – Review Results

20MPH Bristol kids talk to motorists

Pupils from Parson Street Primary talk to motorists for a Driver Roadside Education Session.

The Sad Reality

A film proposed, devised and made by children from Room13 Hareclive (room13hareclive.org.uk), an independent art studio run by children in South Bristol, UK. The film came out of a wider project about the barriers to children’s freedom and ability to play out in their neighbourhood.